DCN Milan 2023 >> Agenda


8:00 - 8:45

Expo Area

Registration & Breakfast

8:45 - 8:55

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Welcome Salutation

Davide Ortisi
Data Center Nation
Valerio Soldani
Italian Trade Agency

9:00 - 9:35

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Edge Datacenters: The Enablers of Digital and Energy Transformation

Richard Pimper
Huawei Digital Power Europe
Alessandro Caramia
Huawei Digital Power Italy
Michele Porri
Enel X
Francesco Saluta
Siportal Srl
Ettore Primicino

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Emerging Data Center Real Estate Strategies in Italy

Alberto Caccia
CAP DC Italia
Andrea Calzavacca
Lincoln Booth
Compass Datacenters
Salvatore Fisicaro

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Energy Supply and Digitalisation: Common Challenges and Opportunities in Italy

Davide Suppia
DATA4 Group
Enrico Maria Carlini

9:50 - 10:25

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“Closer, Faster” The Emerging Computing Continuum Paradigm, Edge Data Centers and Proximity Technologies

Luca Beltramino
Rai Way

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The Evolution of Business Models in the Critical Infrastructure Sector. How can Companies Offer 360° Services and Remain Competitive?

Fabrizio Mainas
Hitrac Engineering Group
Matt Cook
CBRE Global Workplace Solutions
Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè
SDA Bocconi School of Management

Yellow 3


The Key Role of Heat Recovery in Modern Data Centers to Achieve EU Decarbonization Targets

Gabriele Borin
Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV
Gianluca Favaron
Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV

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The Twin Transition: Green & Digital Synergies and Opportunities in Data Centers

Marco Fargnoli
Siemens Spa, Smart Infrastructure, Electrical Products
Luca Sartirana
Siemens Spa, Smart Infrastructure, Electrical Products
Roberto Bigini
Siemens Spa, Smart Infrastructure, Electrical Products
Fiorenzo Carta
Carta Srl

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Smart and Scalable Power Generation Solutions for Data Centers

Massimo Ombra
Ausonia Srl
Giuseppe La Luce
Ausonia Srl
Laura Castagna

10:40 - 11:15

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Are Current Supply Chain Strategies Suitable to Support the Exponential Growth of Data Centres?

Umberto Sordino
EAE Italia
Antonio Molinari
OCIS – Equans
Marco Matarazzo
Giuseppe Donatelli
EY Italy

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Three-Dimensional Mapping of Data Center Environments to support the development of Tailor-Made Solutions for the Compartmentalisation and Electrical Distribution of the PODs

Floriano Francesco Monteduro
Legrand Data Center Solutions
Stéphane Levillain
Legrand Data Center Solutions Europe Critical Power

Yellow 3


Addressing Eco-Digital Transformation Growth with Hybrid IT Solutions

Jeffery Paliga
Simon Allen
Data Center Nation

Yellow 2


Data Center Heat Reuse: From Problem to Opportunity

Davide Del Sale
Aleksandar Grbic

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Data Centre Value Chain in Italy: Key Stakeholders and Potential Synergies

Stefano Fierro
Alessandro Fermi
Regione Lombardia
Carlotta Matteja
Amazon Web Services

11:15 - 11:40

Expo Area

Coffee Break

11:40 - 12:15

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Riello UPS’s Ultra-Energy Efficient UPS Solutions for Green Energy Park - The First truly ‘Sustainable by Design’ Data Center in Belgium

Antonio Coccia
Dieter Roefs
Green Energy Park 

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Prefabricated Data Centers. Customized, Fully Integrated and Fast-to-Deploy. The Punto Com’s Success Story

Fabio Poletto
HiRef SpA
Luigi De Prezzo
Smitt Srl
Mauro Quaini
Punto Com Srl
Primo Bonacina

Yellow 3


What is The Industry Doing to Keep Data Centre Builds On Track, On Budget, and On Time?

Claudio Notarantonio
Michael Murray
Kirby Group
Yves Zischek
Digital Realty Switzerland
Scott Roots
Uptime Institute

Yellow 2


New Power Continuity Architectures for the Financial Sector. Stories from the front line

Eugenio Mascagni
Massimo Cantoro
Banco BPM

Yellow 1


Unleashing the Sustainability Potential embedded in the Data Center. An Integrated Approach to Energy Transition

Federico Biancini
Tecnimont – Maire Group
Stefano Andreola
NextChem – Maire Group
Alberto Riva
Vincenzo Di Lizia
Carlo Nannetti
Silver Ridge Power Italia – Amaranto Holding

12:25 - 13:00

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Be Prepared for the Exponential Data Center Demand

Stefano Mozzato
Andrea Faeti
Vincenzo La Rosa Gangi
Lorenzo Rossi
Stack EMEA
Alfonso Romano
Vantage Data Centers

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Challenges of a Data Center General Contractor: Planning, Resources and Commissioning

Admir Nocaj
Bouygues E&S Italia
Carlo Mastrogiacomo
Bouygues E&S Italia
Carlo Sormani
Bouygues E&S Italia
Dan Popa
Straightline Consulting

Yellow 3


Greater Piping Efficiency to Ensure Low CO2 Emissions and Reduce DC Construction Time

Simone Pirovano
Georg Fischer 

Yellow 2


Enabling Business through Data Center Infrastructure Management and Sustainability. Best Practises and the Euronext Story

Alessandro Bruschini
Aruba SpA
Giancarlo Giacomello
Aruba SpA
Maurizio Genna
Bureau Veritas Italia
Eric Benedetti
Borsa Italiana | Euronext Technology Solutions
Nicoletta Boldrini

Yellow 1


Global Data & Battery Solution: An Overview

Nicola Corradin
FIAMM Energy Technology
Alessandro Cane
FIAMM Energy Technology
Federico Di Carlo
Design Consultant, Certified DC Environmental Sustainability Specialist

13:00 - 14:00

Expo Area


14:00 - 14:35

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Addressing Scope 3 Emissions in Next Generation Data Centers

Roberto Esquinazi
Schneider Electric
Antonio Racioppoli
Schneider Electric
Douglas Mouton
Fabiola Bordino
Start Campus

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The Rise of the Italian Data Center Association. Core Mission and Pillars

Emmanuel Becker
Equinix Italia
Luca Beltramino
Rai Way
Sherif Rizkalla
Luca Venturelli
Digital Realty

Yellow 3


Batteries for Data Centers: AGM, Lithium, or …

Enrico Piazzi
Leoch Italia Srl

Yellow 2


Clarifying the Legal and Regulatory Framework for New Data Center Projects in Italy

Italo de Feo
Alessandro Rendina
Cristina Melentieva
Matia Campo

Yellow 1


Time-to-Market. Zero Down-Time. Sustainability. Reliable solutions for Data Centers

Gilberto Grandi
Fabio Melloni

14:50 - 15:25

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DC Holistic Resiliency: Operation, Management and Maintenance of Mission Critical Infrastructure Assets

Marco Paccagnan
Alberto Fassio
Rai Way
Massimo Alessio Mauri
Primo Bonacina

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The Rise of the Data Center Industry in Emerging Markets. Challenges and Opportunities

Sherif Rizkalla
Loren Long
SLEdge Consulting
Wojciech Stramski
Simon Allen
Data Center Nation

Yellow 3


How Does the Energy Efficiency of Your Data Center Need to Evolve to Keep Up with Latest Trends and Requirements?

Alessandro Polce

Yellow 2


Combined Heat and Power & Fuel Cell Systems for Data Centers: How do they help meet today's uptime and sustainability targets?

Michele Denti
Davide Ghidoni
Danilo Serioli
Bloom Energy

Yellow 1


Vertical Rotary UPS in prefabricated and modular Data Centers. A case history

Lanfranco Pedrotti
Piller Italia Srl

15:40 - 16:15

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Eco Data Centers: Hines' Vision for Clean Energy and Sustainable Construction

Mario Abbadessa
Federico Soffietti
Alessandro Gritti

Blue 2


Take Control of Your Data Center's Energy Today with Dedicated, Predictable, Onsite Power Generation

KR Sridhar
Bloom Energy
Simon Allen
Data Center Nation

Yellow 3


Helping Data Centers Towards Net Zero: How Will Future Mission Critical Power Generation Look Like?

Annegret Wiest
Rolls-Royce Solutions Italia
Christian Paolini
Rolls-Royce Solutions Italia
Alberto Ariatta
Ariatta Ingegneria dei Sistemi S.p.a. & Maestrale Srl
Davide Giovenzana

Yellow 2


Enabling Southern Italy's Digital Future A New Data Center Facility Closer to End-Users and Ready to Support Liquid Cooled High-Performance Computing

Marco Sproviero
DATA for MED     
Paolo Masera
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Stefano Russo

Yellow 1


How to Ensure Effective Lightning Protection in a Data Center? The Bologna Tecnopolo's Case Study

Leonardo Roncarati
Roncarati Srl
Manuela Marzadori
Roncarati Srl

16:30 - 17:05

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Doubling Down on Decarbonisation: from Innovation to Mainstream

Mattia Mariani
Deerns Italia
Frank van Aalsum
Sara Santagostino
Comune di Settimo Milanese
Jeanette Petersson
Giorgia Bollati
Corriere della Sera

Blue 2


The Data Center has been built. And now, what?

Luigi Bellani
TIM Enterprise
Fabrizio Garrone
Aruba SpA
Alfonso Romano
Vantage Data Centers
Alessandro Talotta
Digital Realty

Yellow 3


Extending UPS Life-Cycle and Removing Differential Switches in Data Centers according to the CEI 64-8 standard: Is It possible at all?

Marco Negri
Leo Saro

Yellow 2


Decarbonize Backup Power Generation

Andrea Pivatello
Innio Jenbacher     
Nicola Braghieri
Innio Jenbacher

17:00 - 18:00

Expo Area

Networking Drinks